Tip: Organize Your Weekly Outfit

Since I can remember I love fashion. During high school you can imagine how crazy my obsession with cloths and fashion was. One good thing that came out of my crazy teen years was that I learn to organize my weekly outfit during Sunday night.

  • First I picked my basic outfit, such as pants and top or dress.
  • Then, depending on the weather I would pick the outer wear.
  • After that I would choose the shoes and accessories.
  • And lastly I would hang the outfit together (the shoes and bags on the floor of course). First outfit will be Monday’s and so on.
Hopes this tip helps you get some extra time in the morning and helps you wear clothes that sometimes you forget you have!

3 responses to “Tip: Organize Your Weekly Outfit

  1. One of the best things of Sunday was that I did exactly the same: choose my clothes for the next week. But this happened when I was in school, now I’m less organized from this point of view. Great reminder indeed. 🙂

  2. =)
    Arreglar la ropa desde el domingo, buen consejo. Yo lo seguí en algunos momentos de la vida y otros soló corría en las mañanas, jajaja

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