The Right Pants for Your Body

We are still in winter and because of this, most of our outfits consist of pants.  Here are some tips to pick the right pants for your body and look fabulous while keeping warm.


-Wide leg

-Boot cut

– Dark tone



– Skinny

– Straight





– Pleated styles

– Low-rise waistlines

– Boot cut


6 responses to “The Right Pants for Your Body

  1. i just live in leggings. is that so bad?! 😛


  2. I am a pear!! And I totally well mostly stick to those shapes! I do have a pair of skinnies from Uniqlo that I just love and they dont make me feel like a penguin!!


    • Yeah i’m same way ( Pear) but i still wear my leggings… usually with boots to even the proportions

      can’t wait to see you!

  3. I love the suggestions. I am definitely an inverted triangle. ha ha.


  4. oo i love this guide! very helpful 🙂
    eventhough this winter i have been wearing my jbrand jeggings w everyyything. perhaps for spring I will opt for a different pant style jaja

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