Chic in Shorts

If you are just over dresses for chic events, but don’t want to wear pants, a fabulous option to try is mixing a sleek tailored pair of shorts a nice top and mix it with tights and a cute pair of heels.

I first learn this trend from my good friend and fellow blogger Angela.

Also Celebs are loving it!

Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani, Blake Lively

Angela’s photo from Everyone Loves Lipstick



9 responses to “Chic in Shorts

  1. I like shorts in the winter with the big socks!!! hehe


  2. oh, I absolutely love the first pic! Beautiful!

    Have a great time,

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  4. OMG I love you!!! This is sooooo sweet!! I think my legs look a lot thinnner there than they are these days!! I need to work out more! HA!!
    Now it is time to get you some leather shorts!!! LOL

    • Well you inspired me to write this so you sooooo have to be part of it. Oh and come on you are in perfect shape what are you talking about? Lol

  5. You made me crave a pair of leather shorts, maybe camel, to wear with the irreplaceable white shirt and some gorgeous heels! 🙂

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