The 8 outfits of Anne Hathaway

Last night Anne Hathaway said to Tim Gunn on the red carpet that she will have MANY costume changes and … oh she did! I was amazed at how fast not only her clothing but also hair style changed according to the outfit.

So the question now fashionistas is, which was best?

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7 responses to “The 8 outfits of Anne Hathaway

  1. It’s hard for me to choose – I think my three favorites were the tux, the red atelier versace and the white givenchy. I wonder how they did her hair in all of those different looks in so little time, too. She looked gorgeous!

  2. all of her looks were just enchanting, sooo lovely.

    great post,

  3. I loved her looks! I’m a sucker for a girl in suit so the Lanvin tux and Brian Atwood pumps were my favorite 😉

  4. Tom Ford, Givenchy Couture and le smoking. 🙂

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