Biography of Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy is a Manhattan-based fashion designer. She first became well-known as the romantic interest of Damon Dash, the hip hop businessman. They married on January 15, 2005 and have a daughter named Ava.

Roy grew up in Northern California and graduated from Columbia Union College in Takoma Park, MD with a degree in communications. Her primary reason for attending this Christian university was due to the demands of her parents, particularly her father, who is a Seventh-day Adventist. Roy is multi-cultural with Indian and Dutch ancestry.

Rachel’s first job in fashion was at a Contempo Casuals clothing outlet in her home town at age 14. After college, upon meeting Damon Dash, she became an intern at Rocawear, where she rose to become creative director of the women’s and childrens divisions. In 2005 she launched her own eponymous fashion collection. In early 2006 Roy received a Bollywood industry award for her contribution to American fashion.


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