Tip: Silk Blouse

I have always been a fan of silk blouses.  It’s such a feminine and classy piece of clothing, definitively a most in every fashionistas closet! One of my favorite parts about the silk blouse is that if you wear it right, it can look so chic and effortless!


Eva Mendes, Leighton Meester, Olivia Palermo



  • ALWAYS wear a cami underneath. You can try one the same color as the blouse but a skin tone one would always be your best option.
  • It always look the best tuck in
  • This style of blouses are suppose to me loose not structure like cotton button- down blouses

3 responses to “Tip: Silk Blouse

  1. Hey girl!!!!!! I have SO missed you!!! I am sorry I have been MIA!!
    I love this look and it is the exact outfit I think of when I think of your sweet style!!!
    Let’s hook up soon PLEASE!!


  2. A feminine and chic look. Always fashionable. 🙂 Ada

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