David Peck at Tootsies and More

Yesterday my darling Magen and I stopped by the new Tootsies to check out David Pecks Trunk Show. First of all, have you visited the new Tootsies? I loved it! It is so much bigger and its new locations is so chic and fabulous! As soon as we arrived we were greeted and escorted to David Peck’s Trunk Show.

There we got to see up close some of his beautiful spring collection that I’m already a huge fan of, because of its minimalistic style. He also had his fall collection, and fashionistas it is AMAZING!!! I was not able to take any pictures of it but I am pretty sure you’ll see it soon at some fabulous publications =)

For lunch we decide to go to Brasil in Dunlavy St. On our way out, we notice a man painting these gorgeous portraits outside this little store, so we had to see what that little store was. The store’s name is Space and they sale things from jewelry to very unique decorations (Magen and I loved this mugs lol). In the back the feature an artist collection and fashion line. The artist that we saw outside painting was the artist feature right now, are his painting amazing?

You can check out more of his work here

Definitively all my art lovers should check it out!



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