Stick to What Fits You!

This tip is for all my friends who love to look good but don’t have time (or sometime don’t like ) to go shopping.

If you find a dress that fits you perfectly, take it to a good tailor and have the tailor re create the dress in different colors, prints and even materials.  But make sure it is not the same dress. Change the neck line, the arms, etc but always keeping the same fit that you love.

photo from

8 responses to “Stick to What Fits You!

  1. This is great advice, Monica! My mother does that, she loves made-to-measure clothes and she always has the most wonderfully tailored and fitted garments. wishing you a wonderful week! Ada

  2. that cute draw!! Amazing!

  3. I know the dress I would have duplicated! I wish I could do this, oh it would be lovely. Not practical when it comes to my budget right now though. Still, good advice for the future!


    • Oh i know the feeling! I wish i could be like the Project Runway designers and just create something fabulous for $50 in 24 hrs!

  4. What an awesome idea. Definitely good info to know in the future (for myself)! Love your drawings also! You are very talented!

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