And They Live Happily Ever After…

The best kept secret has  been reveal, the royal gown was by Sarah Burto ( from the fashion house of Alexander McQueen) and the loan tiara from the Queen Elizabeth herself!

What a stunning dress! It reminded me a bit of Princess Grace wedding gown. The wedding over all was a mixture of classic royal tradition with a 21st century twist… in my opinion perfect!

Loved seeing how real they both look. You could tell how nervous Princes William was and how happy and in love they both were. I mean they kiss twice (lol).

I could only imaged how proud the late Princess Diana would be seeing her oldest son marring a women that he choose and he truly loves.  Kate in a way does have some HUGE shoes to fill.

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The only thing I was  a bit surprise by is that Kate is not a princess, at least yet. William and Kate’s new title is William, Duke of Cambridge Catherine, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. She won’t take the title of Princess until Prince Charles becomes king and later when her husband becomes King she will be the Queen!!!!

So what did my royal fashionistas think of the couple, the fashion and the wedding over all


One response to “And They Live Happily Ever After…

  1. I loooved the dress! McQueen! And it did resemble Grace Kelly’s wedding dress. A wedding dress made for a princess. I didn’t watch the ceremony live unfortunately, I saw them on the balcony, just in time for their two kisses (lol). They look like such a sweet, normal couple. I hope they have a happy life together. Wishing you a lovely weekend, Monica! xoxo

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