Packing: Tropical Adventure

Summer time is almost here (even though it feels like it has been here for a while her in TX) and many people are planning exciting vacations! I personally love going to the Caribbean beaches during the summer.

If you are planning a fabulous trip to the beach, or just a little getaway weekend here are a few MUST HAVES on you luggage

Tunic– Calypso, Wedges– Alexander Birman, Maxi Dress– D&G, Swimsuit-TopShop, Tank– Splendid, Shorts– 3.1 Phillip Lim, Necklace– LilahGabriel, Sunglasses– Ray Ban, Sandals– ASOS, Tote– Kate Spade, Sunscrean– Clarins, Fedora– Nordstrom, Ipad, Camera– sony.


One response to “Packing: Tropical Adventure

  1. Love the wedges and that tank. And the tote bag is hilarious!

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