Best Swimsuit for Your Body

1) Old Navy Bikini Bottoms and dELiAs top 2) La Perla,  3)Vitamin A

 As many of you know I am a proud pear shape! For a long time I was under the wrong impression that boy short bikini was the best option for my body type but oh I was so wrong. The best option for us is a darker color for the bottoms and a v cut top. The v cut is going to take the attentions to your smaller upper body.

1) Miso Fril, 2)Violet Lake Caruso, 3)Aeropostal

I said it before and I’ll say it again Hourglass shape is the best body time! You basically look fabulous on everything and anything. If you pick a one piece, find something that enhances your waist.

 1) La Garçonne, 2)Spiegel, 3) Topshop and toast

No matter what type of swimsuit you pick, always make sure they have cup support such as underwire. Also avoid string bikinis because they would only make you bigger on the top and smaller in the bottom .


One response to “Best Swimsuit for Your Body

  1. this is always so helpful! i need new bathing suits badly!!!!


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