David Peck for Everyone!

Yesterday one of Houston’s best in fashion launched its eCommerce site! Now everyone can purchase any of David Peck’s designs anywhere in the WORLD!

I spend almost all day checking out the site and it is fabulous. I love how interactive the page is and how easy it is to share your favorite items to any social media. One of the few disadvantages from shopping on line is that you only see a two dimensional photo of the item that you are buying. I was so glad to see that you are able to watch every item in motion on a model! How wonderful is that?!?

Another thing that I was very glad to see was that you can shop by your favorite print. One of the reasons why I became a HUGE fan of David Peck was because of his CrOp collection and what inspired each one of the beautiful prints. Now you can also learn more about how each print was created and the story behind the collection by clicking on the Inspiration page under CrOp SS2011. I promise you will become a huge fan too!


Last but not least, my favorite thing about it has to be that 10% of profits for SS11 goes to Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative (BIPAI); specifically the work in Uganda. Shopping for a good cause is always fabulous!

This is just the beginning for the site. The fall 2011 collection will be available in mid-August and for the future they have plan more interaction with social media, more video content, and mini-editorial features with the launch of new products.

For more information or if you are ready to shop Click




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  1. Come by my giveaway! xo

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