Il Nero Non è Mai Assoluto


“This exhibition is my diary, where there are no days or dates, but rather a path that tells my life story. A small selection from my photo archives, giving everyone access to my creative process, which in turn leads to the printing of my fabrics. My prints are always the result of my photos and are the foundations of my clothes.The most normal object has the ability to stir distant memories in my mind and become a source of inspiration for a collection or even a simple detail on a dress. I have those moments, things, people, unchanging in my head and on my camera.I have looked at a black sky and waited patiently, for hours, for the sun to shine through.You see, black is never absolute.There is always light behind it”.
Roberto Cavalli


3 responses to “Il Nero Non è Mai Assoluto

  1. He’s AMAZING! And so are you! XO

  2. I love the quote, especially the remark on the colour black. 🙂

  3. PS: I wear my hubby’s cufflinks too. 😉 The only problem I have is that I only have one cufflink shirt and I don’t like it anymore and I can’t find a new one to love. 🙂

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