How to Find the Right Cashmere Sweater

Who doesn’t love cashmere? It is seriously a staple of winter wardrobe, but as many fabulous things, you need to take a very special care of it, from purchasing it till how to take care for the cashmere to last.

A good cashmere sweater can definitively be a great investment to your wardrobe so try to find the best quality. A great way to test the quality of the sweater before buying it is by gently stretching the body of the sweater. If the sweater snaps back to shape, it is a good sign!

I would recommend to stay with neutral tones (blacks, grays, tans etc). Because this is a statement item this colors would always be in style.

We all have to be realistic accidents are going to happen (especially if you are as clumsy as I am ugh!) If you get a stain and can’t take it to the drycleaners, hand-wash the stain with mild detergent. If for some reason there are some wrinkles, hang the sweater in a steamy bathroom.


One response to “How to Find the Right Cashmere Sweater

  1. I’ve had my two-tone cashmere sweater, white and beige, for several years and it’s still in perfect shape. I love wearing it, it never goes out of style and it’s so luxurious and comfortable. Great tips, Monica. Wishing you a wonderful week! xo

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