Loving Right Now: Longer Skirts

Carolina Herrera


Donna Karan






5 responses to “Loving Right Now: Longer Skirts

  1. Very classy. I like those looks a lot.

  2. I had a period when I used to wear only knee-length or a little longer skirts, especially at work. Now I like shorter skirts too, but the knee high ones remain the most elegant and stylish in my opinion. I love the slightly flared Carolina Herrera skirt and all the skirts in Donna Karan’s collection xo

  3. These skirts are so beautiful. I’m a fan of short skirts, personally, but you really can’t beat a nice, long skirt.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. im into long lengths! i dig maxis!!



  5. Cinched at the Waist is obsessed with longer skirts!

    Our mannequin styled at Langford Market was a long pleated skirt!

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    May the best style win! Best of luck!

    Stay Cinched,
    Cinched at the Waist

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