Just a Tiny More Lady Chic

Between all this 60’s inspired shows (Mad Men and Pan Am) and well the new Duchess of Cambridge many of us want to look a bit more polish. Here are some tips to look just a tiny more lady like;

  • Update your wardrobe; look for more feminine silhouettes. When wearing patterns make sure they flatter your body. A good fitted blazer is perfect to polish any casual look.
  • When buying accessories always invest in timeless rather than trendy. Structure bags give an elegant look. Think belts and leather gloves are fabulous accessories for this winter!
  • A frizz-free hair can give you an effortless and elegant look. If you are like me and not very good at blow-drying your hair, you can always schedule a professional blow dry. Here in Houston we have the fabulous Do bar!
  • ALWAYS have a manicure!
  • Be aware of your pose, there is nothing worst that I women who does not stand straight.

2 responses to “Just a Tiny More Lady Chic

  1. Great tips as always, Monica. I wish you a wonderful Christmas, filled with joy, love and special moments with your loved ones! xo

  2. YOU are chic!
    Happy Holidays Girl!!! XO



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