Biography of Anna Dello Russo

After studying history of art and Italian literature, Anna Dello Russo took on the fashion world when she began working for Donna Magazine. Working on the magazine’s editing team, she met Vogue Italia’s Annalisa Milella. This was the beginning of a long chain of collaborations between the two women: Anna Dello Russo went on to work for Vogue Italia and Vogue l’Uomo for 18 years.

After growing  tired of working in man’s world , Anna Dello Russo left her position at Vogue to work as a freelance journalist. She soon became a fashion consultant for Japanese Vogue and various couture houses. She is presently editor-in-chief of Japanese Vogue.

Fashion fanatic Anna Dello Russo is not only an editor. She is also a world-recognised personality known for her eclectic fashion sense. She has admitted to owning a personal collection of almost 4,000 pairs of shoes!



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One response to “Biography of Anna Dello Russo

  1. wow 4000! she must have a whole room dedicated to them

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