Our New Prada

First it was Miu Miu and now Prada open its door at the Houston Galleria ( yes we are very lucky!)

The boutique, designed by Architect Roberto Baciocchi, occupies about 470 square meters on a single level, and it carries the ready-to-wear, bags, accessories and footwear collections for both women and men.

The store is located in a prestigious corner position highlighted by its entrance, inserted in a precious black marble façade. The outside is also marked by a second entrance and by alternating windows and light boxes, framed in polished steel profiles.

The inside is subdivided in four polygonal rooms, defined by the elements that mark Prada’s brand identity worldwide, such as walls covered in pale green cloth and a black and white chequered marble floor at the entrance, alternating with beige carpet.

The women’s collections area is especially elegant thanks to its large smoky mirrors, to the soft hues of saffiano leather in cera colour, and to the precious polished steel and crystal display counters.

The men’s collections are displayed in an environment covered in rosewood and furnished with castorino-coloured velvet sofas and black and crystal counters.


2 responses to “Our New Prada

  1. I miss the Houston Galleria! That is my favorite mall in Texas! And it seems to get better and better! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

    xo, sam

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