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Stay Warm & Look Fabulous for the Weekend

Stay Warm & Look Fabulous for the Weekend


More than One Way to Layer

Layering is a fabulous way to create new outfit from the clothes you already have in your closet.

 First let’s start with something simple

Jacket + Vest

As always proportion is key! Because of the layers the upper part is going to be thicker. Pick a slimmer fitted piece for the bottom part of the outfit.

Make sure either one of the pieces is light weight. If both the vest and the jacket are made from heavy materials, it would be a bit difficult to move your arms.


Short Sleeve Top + Long Sleeve Top

You have many options for this look, from Blazer over shirt, Sweater over dress or other short sleeve top over long sleeve to you want to combine, just be creative. Only thing, make sure the long sleeve layer is lighter and slimmer than the short sleeve.



Crop Top + Long Top

This is one of my favorite and easier looks. The simplest way to do this trend is with a crop jacket and long top or crop sweater and long top. Try to use only neutral colors for the outfit to look more polish.

I am pretty sure there are more ways to layer and look fabulous, so if you know any more feel free to share   


Just a Tiny More Lady Chic

Between all this 60’s inspired shows (Mad Men and Pan Am) and well the new Duchess of Cambridge many of us want to look a bit more polish. Here are some tips to look just a tiny more lady like;

  • Update your wardrobe; look for more feminine silhouettes. When wearing patterns make sure they flatter your body. A good fitted blazer is perfect to polish any casual look.
  • When buying accessories always invest in timeless rather than trendy. Structure bags give an elegant look. Think belts and leather gloves are fabulous accessories for this winter!
  • A frizz-free hair can give you an effortless and elegant look. If you are like me and not very good at blow-drying your hair, you can always schedule a professional blow dry. Here in Houston we have the fabulous Do bar!
  • ALWAYS have a manicure!
  • Be aware of your pose, there is nothing worst that I women who does not stand straight.

Winter Coat: Leather Jacket


How to Find the Right Cashmere Sweater

Who doesn’t love cashmere? It is seriously a staple of winter wardrobe, but as many fabulous things, you need to take a very special care of it, from purchasing it till how to take care for the cashmere to last.

A good cashmere sweater can definitively be a great investment to your wardrobe so try to find the best quality. A great way to test the quality of the sweater before buying it is by gently stretching the body of the sweater. If the sweater snaps back to shape, it is a good sign!

I would recommend to stay with neutral tones (blacks, grays, tans etc). Because this is a statement item this colors would always be in style.

We all have to be realistic accidents are going to happen (especially if you are as clumsy as I am ugh!) If you get a stain and can’t take it to the drycleaners, hand-wash the stain with mild detergent. If for some reason there are some wrinkles, hang the sweater in a steamy bathroom.

Casual Friday: Skirt

Casual Friday: Skirt

T by Alexander Wang shirts blouse, €180
3 1 Phillip Lim long trench coat, $275
By Malene Birger tulip skirt, $227
Old navy shoes, $22
Fendi soft leather handbag, £2,930
Mulberry engraved necklace, $230

Casual Friday: Pants

Casual Friday: Pants

Claudie Pierlot shirts blouse, €135
ELLA black blazer, 299 SEK
Carven cuffed pants, $339
Leather flat shoes, $66
Mulberry shoulder handbag, $8,000
Yves Saint Laurent gold plated ring, £140