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Tends: Spring 2012

Exotic Floral

Prabal Gurung

African Vibe

Zero Maria Cornejo


Derek Lam

Floral Lace

Louis Vuitton

The Roaring 20’s

Ralph Lauren

Tuxedo Trousers

Antonio Berardi

Summer Suit

Rachel Zoe


Marc Jacobs

Cropped Tops

Charlotte Ronson


Karen Walker

Sporty Spice

3.1 Phillip Lim


Look Fabulous Wearing a Tuxedo Jacket

  • A tuxedo jacket has become a staple on every girls closet. Here are some tips to look your best while wearing it.
  • Don’t make it too masculine. While wearing a tuxedo jacket make sure to add some feminine elements such as lace, or silk.
  • A full tuxedo look is always an option but I prefer mixing 2 separates. The usual look is black pants white blazer but you can always adventure with other colors such as blue or even metallics
  • Find the right fit for the occasion. A more loose style such as the boyfriend jacket is perfect for a casual look. Look for a more tailored style for a more elegant look

Stay Warm & Look Fabulous for a Party

Stay Warm & Look Fabulous for a Party

Stay Warm & Look Fabulous for the Weekend

Stay Warm & Look Fabulous for the Weekend

Stay Warm & Look Fabulous for Work

Stay Warm & Look Fabulous: Work

4th Wedding Anniversary

Today’s is the Hobby’s and I 4th wedding anniversary! I still can’t believe how fast time passes. While looking for the traditional gifts for the 4th wedding anniversary, I found that the traditional gifts are fruit or flowers and the modern gifts are appliances. Well, neither of us is into cooking so appliances are out of the question, and fruits and flowers on the other hand, are a bit easier presents to find for ‘her’ but not so much from ‘him’. Thank goodness apparently anniversaries have a color too; And apparently the colors associated with the 4th anniversary are blue and green.

If you are also celebrating your 4th anniversary this year and don’t know what to get your significant other here are some ideas

For Her…

A fabulous floral outfit never goes out of style!

Roberto Cavalli Gown Buy it HERE

Jewelry of course!

Judith Jack – Nova Ring Buy it HERE

Coffee Maker counts as an appliances right?

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker – Platinum Buy it HERE

For Him…

 Homemade dessert

Baked Pear Dessert, find the recipe HERE

Upgrade to a better TV

“Samsung 64″” Diag. 1080p 3D Plasma HDTV with Wi-Fi” Buy it HERE

Boys love clothes too! 

Billy Reid at J.Crew Blythewood sportjacket Buy it HERE

More than One Way to Layer

Layering is a fabulous way to create new outfit from the clothes you already have in your closet.

 First let’s start with something simple

Jacket + Vest

As always proportion is key! Because of the layers the upper part is going to be thicker. Pick a slimmer fitted piece for the bottom part of the outfit.

Make sure either one of the pieces is light weight. If both the vest and the jacket are made from heavy materials, it would be a bit difficult to move your arms.


Short Sleeve Top + Long Sleeve Top

You have many options for this look, from Blazer over shirt, Sweater over dress or other short sleeve top over long sleeve to you want to combine, just be creative. Only thing, make sure the long sleeve layer is lighter and slimmer than the short sleeve.



Crop Top + Long Top

This is one of my favorite and easier looks. The simplest way to do this trend is with a crop jacket and long top or crop sweater and long top. Try to use only neutral colors for the outfit to look more polish.

I am pretty sure there are more ways to layer and look fabulous, so if you know any more feel free to share