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How to Wear a Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are fabulous during spring and summer. You can both dress it up or down and look fabulous both ways. Here are some tips on how to look fabulous wearing a Maxi dress


Ralph Lauren, Francesco Scognamiglio, Salvatore Farragamo, Christian Siriano



Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale, Padma Lakshmi

  • If you are short; a dresses that emphasize your waists will be good option, also V-neck can create the illusion of a longer silhouette. Stick to one color to look longer.
  • For a casual look, accessories with a big tote bag, sunglasses, sandals and a necklace or even a scarves.
  • Show your toes for a casual look wear sandals and open-toe shoes for a more dressy style dress
  • If the dress does not have a waits, add a belt to avoid looking frumpy.

Styling tip: Pear Shape’s Perfect Dress


If you are a fellow pear shape lady, the best little black dress for you are the one with an A cut skirt. This style helps your waist look smaller and hide your lower half. To get attention to the top try a V neck cut of a bold necklace.


Erden, Chloe, Jill Stuart


Photos: Elle.com

Stick to What Fits You!

This tip is for all my friends who love to look good but don’t have time (or sometime don’t like ) to go shopping.

If you find a dress that fits you perfectly, take it to a good tailor and have the tailor re create the dress in different colors, prints and even materials.  But make sure it is not the same dress. Change the neck line, the arms, etc but always keeping the same fit that you love.

photo from http://wonderfelle.com

Change of Season Outfit: Spring 2011

When the season changes from winter to spring of summer to fall it is always a bit confusing what to wear. You start the day cold but later it get a bit warmer. Here are some ideas that help me wear fabulous outfits during this time.


My favorite jeans during this time are the boyfriend style. This style is very casual but you can always dress it up a little. Most type of shoes go with this style of jeans. To keep warm in the morning you can add a light blazer or cardigan.



I picked a romantic flower dress because that is a HUGE trend for spring. For this one add a chunky cardigan for chill mornings or afternoon.


For this style of pants you need a bit more dressy shoes. Again for this one you can add a blazer or a light cardigan if the weather requires it.



I picked a long sleeve t-shirt to make it proportional with the shorts. Added wedges because they are extremely in this spring


Valentine’s Day Date Dress

If  you are going out on a romantic date or just out with friends this Valentines day;  Here are some tips to pick the right dress for your body and look FABULOUS on this day full of love and friendship!

Scarlett Johansson


Celine, H&M, Richard Nicole


  • Shape and structure are your bffs.
  • Try something with waist.
  • V neck is always very flattering.

How to style it

Eva Medes


Marc Jacobs, Juice Couture, See by Chloe


  • Full skirts are flirty, fun and flattering
  • Bold necklace on a strapless dress would help keep the attention on top
  • Try darker colors on the bottom

How to style it

Teri Hatcher

Inverted Triangle 

Alexander McQueen, Herve Leger, Oscar de la Renta


  • Find a slim cut skirt dress
  • Patter and details work perfect
  • A scoop neck is the best cut for you

How to style it

Chic in Shorts

If you are just over dresses for chic events, but don’t want to wear pants, a fabulous option to try is mixing a sleek tailored pair of shorts a nice top and mix it with tights and a cute pair of heels.

I first learn this trend from my good friend and fellow blogger Angela.

Also Celebs are loving it!

Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani, Blake Lively

Angela’s photo from Everyone Loves Lipstick


OOTD: 3rd Anniversary

Wednesday, the hubby and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary by going to a simple silly  fundue dinner.

My outfit was inspired by this Dolce and Gabbana add from 1996-1997 but with a fall 2010 twist.

Dress- ZARA

Blazer- Club Monaco

Shoes- NineWest

Bag- Nordstrom