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The Right Pants for Your Body

We are still in winter and because of this, most of our outfits consist of pants.  Here are some tips to pick the right pants for your body and look fabulous while keeping warm.


-Wide leg

-Boot cut

– Dark tone



– Skinny

– Straight





– Pleated styles

– Low-rise waistlines

– Boot cut


Denim Update

August it the time to stuck up on denim for the fall. Maybe is because of all the back to school sales, or maybe is because jeans are a must for fall. Before going out for the hunt of the perfect jeans let me introduce you to the hottest styles.

Eva Longoria Parker

Skinny – This is the most popular denim right now and because of this it comes in many different various different styles. Try to balance the look by wearing a loose top. You can wear any type of shoe from flats to heels to any style of boots. Best body time for this style: Banana and Hourglass

Ashley Olsen

Wide Leg– Not as popular any more, this cut could be one of the most sophisticated cuts. Always choose the darker wash for this style of jeans. Don’t wear loose tops and always wear heels. Best body type for this style: Hourglass, Pear shape, and Inverted triangle

Cameron Diaz

Straight cut-This is my favorite style (and also Tim Gunn’s ). You can go casual with a distress jeans, flats and a shirt or Glam it up with heels, an elegant top and a blazer. Make sure the blazer is not too long. Best body type for this style: Pear, Hourglass, Inverted Triangle

Rachel Bilson

Boyfriends cut– This is a very comfy style of jeans. They are perfect to go to the store with a fabulous t-shirt and flats. You can dress it up with so wedges and a small tight blazer. Even though you can glam the style up, this would never be an option for a dress up denim. Best body type for this style: Straight, Hourglass, Inverted Triangle.

Gisele Bundchen

Boot cut- The most popular cut because it goes with everything. You can go from tennis shoes to fats, to heels or even sandals.  They are not the best to add a casual blazer so I prefer to add a cardigan or a leather jacket. Best body type for this style: Pear, Banana, Hourglass, Inverted Triangle.

All About Dresses

There is nothing more feminine than a dress.  The best part is that there is always an occasion to wear one, but remember to always pick a dress right for your body type!

Pear shape– To focus on your upper body, try a dress with an A-line skirt. Strapless, asymmetrical and v cut work for the upper part of the dress.

Inverted triangle–  Always go for a dress that has some kind of belt or something that defines your waist. A wrap dress would be perfect.

Hour glass shape- Knee length skirt is the best fit for your body, also wrap dress works for this body type.

Now the occasion…

A cocktail party

You cannot wear anything earls to a cocktail party but a dress. I choose a simple LBD with soft gold and pastel accessories.

The Office

Many women don’t think that a dress is a good choice for the office, because it lacks authority, but they are so wrong. Pick a more tailored dress, and I dark colors. The accessories should be more conservatives.

Weekend Getaway

A loose fitting dress or a sundress, are wonderful for the weekend.  Remember to wear comfortable shoes because is all about relaxing and having fun.

Date Night

I absolutely love this dress, yes it is only a dress that you can wear if you go to a nice place but it is so sexy. You can definitively pick a different color if red is too much for you. Add some skin tone shoes to give your legs length. With a dress like this go light on the accessories or it might look to heavy.

Print Dresses for Everyone

Print dresses are extremely hot right now; here are some that I found for your body type

Pear shape

Ted Baker London ‘Gingie’ Floral Wrap Dress   $235

Banana Shape

Elie Tahari Faux Wrap Stretch Silk Dress  $248


Komarov Pleated Floral Print Dress  $238

Inverted triangle

Donna Ricco Sleeveless Double V-Neck Dress   $158