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Heart Truth Red Dress Collection 2012

What a better way to start Fashion Week than with the annual Heart Truth Red Dress Collection Show. This year was a bit more special since it celebrated its 10 year anniversary of walking the runways with the iconic “Red Dress” as a symbol of heart disease awareness month.

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Photos: Fashionista and sacbee



How To Do a Fishtail Braid

I use to think braids did not look so good on plain brown hair as mine but oh I was so wrong!

After seeing Minka Kelly’s messy Fishtail braid I was in love.


This is how to do it

1.       Move all your hair to one side

2.       Spilt hair in to 2 equal parts

3.       This is when it gets a bit tricky; From the very front part of your hair get a little piece and put it with the back part.

4.       From the back part, get a little piece and put it with the front.

5.       Make sure you always get the pieces from the farthest out and very in.

6.   Repeat this on till you reach the ends of your hair

7.       It can be tricky but remember that this look its suppose to look messy.


And Voila