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Styling Tip for Petite Ladies

Technically I am not consider petite thanks to ¾ inch ( yes I’m 5’4” and ¾ thank you very much!) but I tend to have very tall (and beautiful) friends so, I welcome any styling tips that would make me look taller

Tory Burch



V neck is the best cut for tops. It will make the illusion of a longer torso, the lower the cut the longer it look, but as always be careful to not go too low.








During the rest of the hot months, a halter dress or top is best.







When wearing prints make sure to balance it. If you were a print skirt make sure to wear a none print top and if you are wearing a dress with a loud print add a blazer.





For bottom, A line is best because it will define the waist and elongate the mid section.


Upper Body

Look your best with a right neck line for your upper body type

Our focus emphasizes the right fit for jeans and pants, rather than our upper body.  Some of the benefits of having the right neckline are to look slimmer, taller and it also helps to stand out your best assets.

Here are tips on what type of neck line would flatter you body

If you are of a busty frame v neck would work perfect for you either on a fabulous top or a cut long cardigan. For the office a button- down shirt is perfect. During warmer days a strapless tank top would look great on you.

For the more petite ladies, fun and flirty details on the upper part are key. Also thick horizontal lines would help make the illusion of a fuller bust.

For ladies with broad shoulders tank tops and spaghetti straps are perfect for you. Any cute top works for this body type, the only thing you should focus on, is to not have anything that would emphasize your shoulders such as ruffles.

And for the curvy ladies square cut and V cut are a must, but make sure that they are not to low cut. Also solid patters work perfect but if you don’t like only solids you can add some sparkle to the neck line of the top.