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Styling Tip: High-Waisted

Wearing high-waisted pants or skirts can help focus the attention to the smallest part of your body, and less on your tummy area.  Also let’s not forget that the 70’s trend it’s very in this fall!


Styling Tip for Petite Ladies

Technically I am not consider petite thanks to ¾ inch ( yes I’m 5’4” and ¾ thank you very much!) but I tend to have very tall (and beautiful) friends so, I welcome any styling tips that would make me look taller

Tory Burch



V neck is the best cut for tops. It will make the illusion of a longer torso, the lower the cut the longer it look, but as always be careful to not go too low.








During the rest of the hot months, a halter dress or top is best.







When wearing prints make sure to balance it. If you were a print skirt make sure to wear a none print top and if you are wearing a dress with a loud print add a blazer.





For bottom, A line is best because it will define the waist and elongate the mid section.

Styling Tip for Busty Ladies

Christina Hendricks

– Find a silhouette that accentuates your waist and takes the focus out of your top

– Look for tops and or dresses with a build in bra

– Necklace can bring to much attention to the wrong areas, so instead look for dresses and tops with little detail such a beaded shoulder.

-Or another option for jewelry could be some drop earrings

photo from http://www.buzzfeed.com/

Styling Tip to Look Taller

Try wearing a monochromatic outfit. The single color will create a long unbroken line top to bottom, stretching your silhouette appearance of a few extra inches taller!

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Styling tip: Pear Shape’s Perfect Dress


If you are a fellow pear shape lady, the best little black dress for you are the one with an A cut skirt. This style helps your waist look smaller and hide your lower half. To get attention to the top try a V neck cut of a bold necklace.


Erden, Chloe, Jill Stuart


Photos: Elle.com

Change of Season Outfit: Spring 2011

When the season changes from winter to spring of summer to fall it is always a bit confusing what to wear. You start the day cold but later it get a bit warmer. Here are some ideas that help me wear fabulous outfits during this time.


My favorite jeans during this time are the boyfriend style. This style is very casual but you can always dress it up a little. Most type of shoes go with this style of jeans. To keep warm in the morning you can add a light blazer or cardigan.



I picked a romantic flower dress because that is a HUGE trend for spring. For this one add a chunky cardigan for chill mornings or afternoon.


For this style of pants you need a bit more dressy shoes. Again for this one you can add a blazer or a light cardigan if the weather requires it.



I picked a long sleeve t-shirt to make it proportional with the shorts. Added wedges because they are extremely in this spring