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Beauty Tip: Thicker Eye Brows

A quick and easy trick
to look youthful
is to let your eyebrows
grow thicker.
 To fill in your eyebrows,
 draw in hairs with a
ticking motion from bottom to
top using a neutral color.
You can also use a busting brow
 growth product if you
don’t have enough eyebrows.
photos: styleguru.com

Tips for Hourglass Ladies

If you were bless with curves aka the hourglass shape, such as; Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara or Halle Berry, you are already lucky enough to look fabulous with anything you wear. But just to make sure you look AMAZING during that important meeting or ladies night here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Find a dress with a waist-cinching cut or a wrap dress would be great!
  • For the neck line look for medium to low square neck are the best.
  • If you have any loose clothes a belt would be your best friend.
  • With a skirt, hemline to the knee gives you the illusion of longer legs.


Photos JustJared

Styling Tip

On parts of your body where you would like to seem smaller, never wear anything with a heavy texture, bright or shiny.

Stick to What Fits You!

This tip is for all my friends who love to look good but don’t have time (or sometime don’t like ) to go shopping.

If you find a dress that fits you perfectly, take it to a good tailor and have the tailor re create the dress in different colors, prints and even materials.  But make sure it is not the same dress. Change the neck line, the arms, etc but always keeping the same fit that you love.

photo from http://wonderfelle.com

Change of Season Outfit: Spring 2011

When the season changes from winter to spring of summer to fall it is always a bit confusing what to wear. You start the day cold but later it get a bit warmer. Here are some ideas that help me wear fabulous outfits during this time.


My favorite jeans during this time are the boyfriend style. This style is very casual but you can always dress it up a little. Most type of shoes go with this style of jeans. To keep warm in the morning you can add a light blazer or cardigan.



I picked a romantic flower dress because that is a HUGE trend for spring. For this one add a chunky cardigan for chill mornings or afternoon.


For this style of pants you need a bit more dressy shoes. Again for this one you can add a blazer or a light cardigan if the weather requires it.



I picked a long sleeve t-shirt to make it proportional with the shorts. Added wedges because they are extremely in this spring


Beauty Tip: Exfoliating Mask

If you don’t have time or money to visit the SPA before your fabulous Valentines day date, I have a great solution for you.

This home made mask is great for a deep exfoliation.

All you need is

1/2cup of mashed papaya

1 teaspoon of  yogurt

1 teaspoon of honey

Mix all the ingredient on bowl on till in turns into a mask. Leave in on your face for about 10 minutes then rise.



Photo from http://bathnbody.craftgossip.com/

Tip: Organize Your Weekly Outfit

Since I can remember I love fashion. During high school you can imagine how crazy my obsession with cloths and fashion was. One good thing that came out of my crazy teen years was that I learn to organize my weekly outfit during Sunday night.

  • First I picked my basic outfit, such as pants and top or dress.
  • Then, depending on the weather I would pick the outer wear.
  • After that I would choose the shoes and accessories.
  • And lastly I would hang the outfit together (the shoes and bags on the floor of course). First outfit will be Monday’s and so on.
Hopes this tip helps you get some extra time in the morning and helps you wear clothes that sometimes you forget you have!